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A 5-stage cleaning process using solutions designed for the Rozie 1200.

For a sparkling view without lifting a

Why pay a professional Window Cleaner?

The Rozie 1200 saves money every year by replacing your professional window cleaners.

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Every one of the Rozie Robot collection are designed for specific duties. See Tobi for BIG Windows and the TOBi 2 for commercial spaces when you go to SHOP NOW.

Why Rozie Robots are your best choice.

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Window Robots began sourcing the latest Window Robots from manufacturers all over the World when a family member found herself in a high rise apartment in the Auckland CBD,  looking out of a dirty bedroom window on the fourth floor that was ‘impossible’ to reach from the outside by hand. After sourcing many of the different models on the market today, we decided on the Rozie 1200 as, not only was she powerful enough to hold suction for a long period of time, and automatic spray but she was also slim enough to fit between the small gap in between the safety hinges. Now,  with the safety harness fast in tow and using our ‘specialized’, cleaning solutions, the Rozie 1200, with her 5 stage cleaning method, removed black mold, 2 spiders and their webs and acid rain build up. The bedroom window, which had never been cleaned before, now looked fabulous and with an amazing view,  Rozie Robots have never looked back since. Since the Rozie 1200 we have also added to our collection the BIG Brother Tobi for accessible, but also the bigger Windows in the home and now the TOBi2 for BIG Shop Fronts with cupula. These amazing Window Robots, have become an invaluable asset in your home and once you get one for you or a loved one, you will wonder how you ever got along without a Rozie Robot in your home. We deliver nationwide and now also operate in NSW Australia.

Rozie 1200 Window Robot

The Rozie 1200 not only comes with designer looks and exceptional quality, but she also delivers world-class functionality, automatic ‘or’ remote-controlled cleaning plans and AI learning.

Cleaning Ability: Rozie is made for extreme dirt and hard to reach windows. This Robot is ‘smart’ and she executes glass-cleaning and drying with just one click. Her smart navigation and slim design give the best edge-to-edge clean on the market. The five strong cleaning phases include a smart vibrating mop to eliminate the dirt, cleaning and drying. This is supported by extra-strength suction for attachment to windows or walls.

Advanced Clean: The cleaning has repeated processes with a 5-phase cleaning activity, giving you a sparkling, professional finish. Each path is repeated twice for the ultimate clean.

iTech Win 3.0: AI-enhanced cleaning maps work out the ideal cleaning route and anti-fall sensors detect the window edges on frameless glass.

Diverse Surfaces:  The Rozie 1200 cleans glass and window surfaces, mirrors, shower screens, tiled surfaces and smooth painted surfaces ‒ indoors or outdoors.

Remote Operations – Watch the clean via your phone and be assured of safety during power cuts with a 15 min battery life to stop loss of suction to the surface. Safety harness must be used at all times for added peace of mind, and Rozie goes into sleep mode when the surface is finished.

Environmentally Friendly: We supply top-quality, durable, reusable microfiber mop attachments with every purchase. The robotic window cleaner is a water-wise way to clean.

Check out our Window Robots priced from $250 plus gst.

GET the right robot for the job

Automatic robot glass and window cleaners have changed the world of cleaning.

BIG Windows get BIG Tobi

Is your House made of glass? Big Windows everywhere you look. If so, then this is the right model for you. BIG Tobi is made for big residential windows , keeping your windows maintained for clear, streak-free views, all year round., only $575 inc

Get the right Robot for the job.

Window Robots Ltd know that different robots are designed for different jobs. Choose the right robot for the job or combine a Rozie 1200 with a Tobi and get $100 discount combined, because they sure do make the ultimate team.

TOBI 2 - for your BIG Shop Windows

The Tobi 2 is the latest edition to the Rozie Robot collection. This robot is designed for SHOP Window Fronts, or the BIGGER Window spaces. This Window Robot will replace your professional Window Cleaner and will pay for itself in the first few months of use, includes cupula. $995 inc gst.

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Robot window cleaners use multiple suction points to stay adhered to your window. To move, they release some of their suction points and use their roller feet to swivel forward, reattach, release, etc.

No, you do not have to spray cleaning liquid on the windows. You just fill the onboard tank with water and Rozie acts on an automatic spray. Easy peasy.

Unexpected power cuts have been planned for. Your Rozie Robot has an onboard battery and will stay stuck to your window or wall for 15 minutes, awaiting the power to return.

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Rozie 1200 stock clearance sale and is now $250+ GST.