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The Easiest, World-class Clean Ever

Yes, top-quality robot window cleaners are very effective. In fact, they are more effective than humans. They use suction power to adhere to your window. Their AI maps out their cleaning path and they use a microfiber cloth to clean. Rozie Robot cleans each spot 10 times. No more difficult-to-reach spots on your panoramic windows!

Robot window cleaners use multiple suction points to stay adhered to your window. To move, they release some of their suction points and use their roller feet to swivel forward, reattach, release, etc.

No, you do not have to spray cleaning liquid on the windows. You just fill the onboard tank with water and Rozie acts on an automatic spray. Easy peasy.

Unexpected power cuts have been planned for. Your Rozie Robot has an onboard battery and will stay stuck to your window or wall for 15 minutes, awaiting the power to return.

No, Rozie Robot is not restricted by her power cable. Unlike some of her competitors with short cables, Rozie Robot has been sensibly built with a 4-metre-long cable. And that’s just one of the reasons that we chose this superior product for our discerning New Zealand clients.

As customer service is of paramount importance to us, we offer a very wide selection of payment options to make it as convenient to you as possible!

  • Payment Gateway:
  • Credit Card (Stripe)
  • Afterpay
  • Direct Debit
  • Invoicing
  • Bank Transfers

You can watch the pathways on your remote app. You might think a spot has been missed but wait a few minutes and Rosie Robot will be back to clean that spot. The algorithm guides her path, so she covers every square centimetre of your windows or walls.

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